Seniors Support

National Support for Seniors:

Legion’s 1500 branches provide support to seniors and veterans including low-cost housing, health care and home support

  • Most Canadian communities have Legion branch and Ladies Auxiliary involvement assisted, at the national level, with resource material and advocacy for seniors’ rights—approximately $3million and over 300,000 volunteer hours.
  • Home Support
    • Legion is dedicated to the principle of seniors living independently in their own homes.
    • Legions works with municipal, provincial and federal agencies to augment official programs including Meals-On-Wheels, transportation, recreation, telephone support, home and visit programs, home support, escort, medical, dental and counseling services
  • Housing
    • Over 150 Legion branches have housing projects committed to providing acceptable and affordable housing for seniors and veterans—valued at $195 million.
    • Joint initiative of Dominion Command and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), The Legion’s Housing Centre for Excellence has provided, since May 2000, assistance to branches and Commands with housing projects and real property issues.
    • National Directory of Legion-Sponsored Accommodation is a reference for Legion housing and is evidence of the commitment of branches.
    • Long Term Care Surveyor administers a ‘quality of care’ questionnaire.
  • Community Service Resources
  • Legion branch commitments include health care, recreation and social activities, safety at home, crime-proofing, avoidance of fraud, elder abuse and con games.

(Information courtesy of the Royal Canadian Legion)

Local Branch Support for Seniors

At Bracebridge Branch transportation assistance is provided by volunteer drivers to get people to their medical appointments. The Branch Service Officer, Gord Milburn coordinates the drivers and can be reached at 705-645 . Gord also visits branch members who may be in hospital but can only do so if the family or friends and neighbors makes him or the any of the branch executive or staff aware of the event.

The branch operates a seniors support organization called “The Clan Stuart.” This organization is free for members and organizes bus excursions, Christmas shopping trips, suppers, etc. See “Executive Committee” tab for the chair and contact information.


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